links for 2006-09-18

18. September 2006 von delicious
  • Overgeneralized lists of business „rules“ are not to be taken too literally. There are exceptions to everything.
  • Is there a future for wikis other than the encyclopedia model, or will open collaboration be the exception, not the rule?
  • I propose a fork of Wikipedia to be called the Citizendium, that is, the Citizens‘ Compendium. I think it is morally permitted – if there is a chance of retaining Wikipedia’s virtues while eliminating the problems I just mentioned.
  • Digg, Google and Wikipedia are invested in maintaining their „as-is“ status-quo, no matter how flawed. The leaders publicly evangelize a revolutionary worthiness to rationalize away allegations of abuse, entrenchment, spam, falsehoods, libel, infringement.
  • There are oodles of apps that I’m simply never going to get to use, even if I did there are so many variants on the same basic theme. The sheer number of current applications might be why people don’t have time to play with them all.

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